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You have three options for filing your taxes with us:

  1. Virtual dropbox: Fill out and submit this secure form and attach all tax documents. Our office will contact you with any questions.
  2. Physical drop off: If you’d prefer the familiar Tax Data Sheet, simply print this page at any time. Anything you’ve entered so far will become part of the form, and you can bring it with all tax documents to our office. You can deposit your information 24/7 in our dropbox. Our office will contact you with any questions.
  3. Appointment: Schedule your appointment by calling 920-592-0400. Evening and weekend options are available.

Personal Income Tax Return Data 2023

    Basic information

    Spouse's information

    Contact information

    Tax District

    Click city, village or township and fill in the name of your municipality. Also let us know the county in which you lived at the end of 2023.

    Bank Account Information

    If you want your federal and state tax refunds direct deposited in your bank account, complete the following account information:

    Account type

    1) Did you have any virtual currency transactions in 2023? If yes, attach details.

    2) Were you covered under the Healthcare Marketplace? If yes, attach Form 1095A.

    3) Did you have any energy efficient home improvements to your main home? (exterior windows, doors, or skylights, insulation)

    4) Did you pay private school tuition in 2023? If yes, attach list of tuition per child. Also note which school and grade the child attends.

    Teachers Grades K-12


    List names of dependents below. (Date of birth is required for certain tax credits.)

    First dependent

    Second dependent

    Third dependent

    Fourth dependent

    Interest You Earned
    Attach your 1099 Forms * Do not include IRA interest

    Bank, Credit Union, S & L, etc.


    Mortgage Interest from Individual

    Dividends You Earned
    Attach your 1099 Forms * Do not include IRA dividends

    From whom received


    Capital Gains and Losses

    Sales of Real Estate, Personal Property, Stocks, Bonds, etc.

    First gain or loss

    Second gain or loss

    Other Income


    Alimony Paid

    Estimated Tax Payments You Have Made
    For 2022 Tax Year - Jan. 17, 2023 - 4th Quarter





    For 2023 Tax Year - Apr. 18, 2023 - 1st Quarter





    For 2023 Tax Year - Jun. 15, 2023 - 2nd Quarter





    For 2023 Tax Year - Sep. 15, 2023 - 3rd Quarter





    For 2023 Tax Year - Jan. 16, 2024 - 4th Quarter





    Medical Expense

    Only amount in excess of 7.5% adjusted gross income may be deductible. (Include only expenses paid for in tax year, and not paid by insurance or by a pretax payroll deduction or from HSA accounts.)

    For medical insurance premiums, see the “Health Insurance Payments” section.

    Real Estate Taxes Paid in 2023

    Mortgage Interest Paid
    Please attach all Form 1098s
    Principal Home

    Mortgage interest paid to an individual

    Second Home


    List only contributions for which you have a receipt or cancelled check.

    Charity 1 (for example: Church)

    Charity 2 (for example: United Way)

    Charity 3

    Charity 4

    All other cash contributions

    NOTE: For contributions of clothing and household items, retain list of items, their values and dates given.

    Post Secondary Education Expense

    Include tuition paid for you, your spouse, or your dependent child. Attach Form 1098-T from school attended.

    Student 1

    Student 2

    Gambling Losses

    Rent Paid

    Health Insurance Payments

    Long term care insurance

    If you and your spouse worked, did you have child care expenses?

    Persons or Organizations Who Provided the Care

    List each child separately

    First child

    Second child

    Third child

    Do you wish to contribute to any of the following charities?

    May the IRS discuss this return with the preparer?