Tax Season Reminders

As April 15th approaches, we want to ensure a smooth and efficient filing process for you. To facilitate this, kindly inform us of any changes in your personal information, such as:

  • Change of address
  • Welcoming a new addition to the family
  • Updates to your email address or phone number
  • Marital status changes (marriage or divorce)
  • Real estate transactions (buying or selling a house)

Our tax return services are tailored to meet your convenience through two methods: in-house appointments or drop-off/pickup. If you would like your return to be expedited, we suggest that you come in for an in-house appointment.

In-House Appointments

In-person appointments typically take about one hour, depending on the complexity of your tax forms. To schedule an appointment, please reach out via email or phone. During the appointment, you and the preparer will review and input the necessary tax information. The return will undergo a thorough review, and you can conveniently sign and make the payment in one session.


For a hassle-free option, gather all your tax documents and deliver them to us through in-person drop-off, mail, or secure email via our website portal ( Our tax preparer will commence work on your return, and any follow-up questions will be addressed through a phone call. You will be informed of your refund or amount due and given the choice to sign your tax return in person or electronically. After the initial contact, your tax return will be reviewed and assembled. When the return is ready to be signed and filed, you will receive another call from our office.

Signing Options

  • If you choose to sign electronically, you and your spouse will receive an email containing the digital tax return and invoice details.
  • If you prefer in-person signing, visit our office, sign the return, and settle the invoice. Our administrative assistant will guide you through the return details during this visit.

Upon signing the tax return and settling the invoice, we will promptly file your tax return.

We accept payments in the form of check, cash, or credit card (over the phone). Additionally, ACH deposit setups for tax refunds or amounts due can be arranged upon request.

Kindly note that both spouses must sign the tax return.

Having trouble locating your Marketplace Healthcare 1095 form? Please click this link for a guide.


If you anticipate the need for an extension, please inform us in advance. It’s crucial to understand that an extension to file does not extend the time to pay. Any taxes owed may accrue interest and late fees during this period.

The sooner you provide us with your tax documents, the smoother and quicker the entire process will be. We appreciate our clients who have already contacted us and been proactive regarding their tax return details.

Thank you for choosing us for your tax filing needs. We look forward to serving you.

Best regards, Brunette Tax & Accounting